Welcome to Tusk Inc, a company which started in 2012 as a capital management company, and now is one of the leading electrical solution company which focus on producing for users of mining equipment, solar energy, adapter and so on. Products line is mainly for electrical purposes. Incorporated in 2012, the Tusk Inc. ltd. have also been involved in a couple of capital management projects.

As mentioned earlier Tusk Inc. is also capital management company, which has been in the business of managing risks for over a decade, and we can say that the testimonies speak for us. We have done this by working with corporations across industries to ensure that they make sound business decisions that promote the longevity of their company.

Also, we have collaborated closely with risk management personnel and company executives to identify risks and develop prevention strategies for potentially harmful activities or practices.

We were able to prudently do this by investigating instances of losses in the financial market. You can contact our support for more information and questions. Our help line is available 24/7.